mask by Attention Span Garb

mask by Attention Span Garb

Rob Clifford

Rob Clifford is a bipolar bi artist based out of Kirkland, Washington, surviving and pushing through spinal & nerve damage from an accident that took away fine motor control of his hands for nearly a decade. Although those medical issues have caused him to experience hand tremors and varying degrees of constant pain, Rob has continued to experiment with different mediums in an effort to compensate and adapt. Initially an illustrator using pencils and pens, Rob has moved increasingly to ink and brush, and watercolor work, as well as sculpting. Fueled by a love of Japanese giant robots and American comics from his youth, Rob has continued to draw inspiration from his nerdy passions every time he puts brush to paper.

Unlike what this bio might suggest, Rob does actually have a sense of humor. Seriously. Try me. I mean him. Try him.

Official Work:
Kylo Ren "First Order Watercolor" shirt                      Artist/Designer                   2017 We Love Fine/Disney Lucasfilm
Thanos "To Court Death" shirt                                   Artist/Designer                    2017 We Love Fine/Marvel Comics
Black Panther Stained Glass shirt                              Artist/Designer                    2016 We Love Fine/Marvel Comics

Published Credits:

D'n'Dizzle: Dragons in the Hood Pocket RPG              Lead Artist                            2014  Attention Span Games

Carmine: Truth in the Darkness RPG                          Interior Artist                      2012  Attention Span Games

The Gathering #11 "Batteries Not Included"               Colorist                               2012  GrayHaven Comics

Carmine: A role-playing game of alchemical fantasy   Cover and Interior Artist      2011  Attention Span Games